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Hi there, are ready to take your brand growth to the next level? Meet Oluwayemisi

Assoc. PR Strategist || Social Media Savvy

Oluwayemisi Ajiboye

PR Strategy
Overall expertize

Status: Ext. Team - GABI Media Group (NIG)

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Get to Know Oluwayemisi

Oluwayemisi Ajiboye – an associate PR Strategist and a social media savvy at GABI Media Group. Oluwayemisi is an accomplished professional in the field of PR and social media, with a proven track record of developing dynamic and effective PR strategies. Her ability to spot trends and her deep passion for cultivating digital landscapes make her a visionary orchestrator of brand narratives.

Thanks to her extensive experience, Oluwayemisi has mastered the art of creating compelling content strategies that resonate with audiences across various platforms. Her strategic abilities go beyond conventional PR, diving into the ever-evolving world of social media with exceptional finesse.

Oluwayemisi’s campaigns don’t just create noise; they generate long-lasting impressions that spark conversations and resonate throughout the digital sphere. Her innovative approach to PR and social media has set her apart as a leader in the industry.

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